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faux aquarium plants: variegated bamboo bushes


faux aquarium plants or reptile terrarium plants

plastic aquarium decor plant: variegated bamboo bushes

set of 2, from ron beck designs | each approximately 10″ high and 7″ high. Weighted (w/natural river rock) plastic low profile black base; included.
Product #: parp209
Price: $13.99 for the set | Get them!

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free shipping via USPS | ron beck designs


free shipping ron beck designs green left 1024 768

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hand designed aquarium | reptile terrarium plants & succulents

I’m Ron of Ron Beck Designs and I hand design, hand craft, artificial decor plants. Faux aquarium plants,reptile terrarium plants and home-office decor. The plant designs are well crafted, life like and made of either plastic or silk. I use non toxic products and re-purpose plastic elements within the design structure.

Artificial | Re-imagined, for the both of you!

My original designs offer a realistic, attractive, unique plant for your freshwater aquarium, reptile or snake habitat enclosure and home decor-office decor.

*free shipping is within the continental United States only. Not applicable for custom orders.

We do offer international shipping, please inquire about rates.

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Aquarists Against Fishbowls | WindmillCo design


this is a good message | WindmillCo t-shirt design

Aquarists Against Fishbowls | WindmillCo design

Aquarists Against Fishbowls

WindmillCo t-shirt design | redbubble

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If you have ever gone to the fair or a carnival, you’ve probably seen goldfish or betta fish being given away as prizes. In many cases, the fish are just given away in bags, but some places give them away in small fish bowls. What many people do not realize is that keeping a fish in a fish bowl is tantamount to animal cruelty.

Why Fish Bowls are Bad

Keeping a betta fish or goldfish in a small fish bowl is equivalent to soaking in a bathtub contaminated by your own waste – there simply isn’t enough water to dilute the waste. The key to keeping aquarium fish healthy is to maintain high water quality in the tank, and that simply isn’t possible with a fish bowl unless you change the water every day. [read more]

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reptile terrarium plant | venus flytrap

artificial reptile terrarium plant venus fly trap from ron beck designs. prp194

venus flytrap | faux reptile plant | terrarium plant.

artificial reptile terrarium plant venus flytrap from ron beck designs. prp194 2

faux reptile plant | terrarium plant.: venus flytrap from ron beck designs | approximately 7″ high & 10″ wide. Weighted (w/natural river rock) low profile black plastic base; included.
Product #: prp205
Price: $9.99
Condition: new

Intended For: A reptile vivarium plant or as a faux terrarium plant. This artificial plant can not be submerged in water.
Caution: Never use soap’s or detergent’s to clean you artificial plants. What they leave behind, can be toxic to your pets.
Instructions: Use a soft dry cloth or paint brush to dust off leaves. Place in the habitat enclosure and cover the plant base with your substrate.
Reptile Decor Tip: Make the view angle pleasant and natural by putting taller plants towards the back and shorter plants up front.

Additional uses: Dioramas, school science projects, home decor and also as a unique gift.

“Animals & Pet Supplies > Pet Supplies > Reptile & Amphibian Supplies > Reptile & Amphibian Habitat Accessories”

* This design is featured here for purchase and is simultaneously available at all the shops as well. In the rare chance that it is “sold” at the same time from two different shops, ownership goes to the first to pay (based on date / time of payment); the other customer will receive a full refund (PayPal) within 3 business days.

plastic aquarium plant | @ronbeckdesigns | instagram

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plume moth | steve schoefisch photography


feather like wings…

plume moth | steve schoefisch photography

plume moth | steve schoefisch photography

Steve’s Photography | Tumblr

plume moth:

The fore-wings of a plume moth usually consist of two curved spars with more or less bedraggled bristles trailing behind. This resembles the closely related Alucitidae (many-plumed moths) at first glance, but the latter have a greater number of symmetrical plumes. The hind-wings are similarly constructed, but have three spars. A few genera have normal lepidopteran wings.

The usual resting posture is with the wings extended laterally and narrowly rolled up. Often they resemble a piece of dried grass, and may pass unnoticed by potential predators even when resting in exposed situations in daylight. Some species have larvae which are stem- or root-borers while others are leaf-browsers.


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faux aquarium | reptile terrarium plant base design


plant base design |

© ron beck designs

I received an email from an eBay customer recently, complimenting the plant designs I had made. He also suggested that I ‘show off’ the plant base of each plant design, within the product description and image gallery. He stated how much he appreciated and admired the detailing and craftsmanship that went into each design.

I think it was a great suggestion and I will begin to do so.

plant base © ron beck designs
© ron beck designs

This is why feedback is so important to me.

the plant base construction:

Once I have completed the principal design work, I then begin constructing the plants weighted base. I hand select each stone in order to create the best fit, side by side.

Each stone (polished river rock) is then hand positioned using the non toxic, hot glue. Each standard size plant base (low profile black base) contains approximately 20 stones which makes for a nice weight to anchor it to the bottom of your enclosure. It does take about 40 minutes just to create and design the weighted base. After that, an additional 6-8 hour drying time is ideal as it allows the hot glue to better set and bond with the rocks.

plant base design © ron beck designs
© ron beck designs