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I recognize, not everyone “likes” the social networks.

For those of you who would like to stay connected with ron beck designs, we offer four different email subscription options.

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What will you get?
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bush birds nest red tip | ron beck designs


design: bush birds nest red tip | plastic | pap173
environment: aquarium or reptile tank plant | ron beck designs

click on image to enlarge.

aquarium plants bush birds nest red tip pap173 plstc. ron beck designs

plastic aquarium plants: bush birds nest red tip

pap173 plastic. ron beck designs

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croton leaves |


design: croton leaves | silk | sarp021

environment: aquarium or reptile tank plant | ron beck designs

click on image to enlarge.

silk reptile habitat plants croton leaf bush sarp021 silk  ron beck designs

ron beck designs aquarium plants

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gift cards now available | ron beck designs


gift cards from ron beck designs 1200 630

I’m pleased to announce that we now have gift cards available here at ron beck designs.

There are several different preset amounts to choose from. To visit the store click here.

how it works:

you enter the recipients name, a valid email address and your own personal message just before “adding to cart”!

  • once you have purchased the gift card, the recipient (the email address you provided) will receive an email notifying them of the gift card you sent them; see example.
  • the unique gift card ID# and expiration date will be included in their email.
  • the gift card is valid for one year from the original date of purchase.
  • if you want more than one gift card (same dollar amount) you can purchase additional gift cards prior to the payment page by increasing the quantity within your order.
  • you, the sender, will also receive a confirmation email of your gift card purchase.