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Green Praying Mantis | glass


Praying Mantis

glass artist | Wesley Fleming

green praying mantis 2014 | click on image to enlarge

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Bespoke Glass Tile & Stained Glass | cactus


Bespoke Glass Tile & Stained Glass on Etsy.

Bespoke Glass Tile & Stained Glass | cactus. etsy.

Bespoke Glass Tile & Stained Glass: cactus

Bespoke Glass Tile & Stained Glass | Arizona, United States.

their shop on Etsy.

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glass octopus | Michael Hopko.


glass octopus | Michael Hopko

glass octopus | Michael Hopko

Hopko Art Glass is located in the Trinity Alps of Northern California. Artist Michael Hopko has created a collection of hand-blown sculptures combining art and craftsmanship. The beauty and motion of nature are captured through glass in stunning detail.

Michael Hopko began his journey as a glass artist in 1990 as an art student at Shasta College. After college, he worked as an apprentice glass blower with several different artists in California.

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ron beck designs aquarium plants

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