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faux aquarium decor plants from ron beck designs
reptile terrarium decor plants from ron beck designs

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“I think the pets interior design decisions should get an equal share of your attention to personal style with their natural needs and “familiar” surroundings in-place.” – ron beck.

artificial aquarium decor faux plants | ron beck designs
artificial reptile terrarium vivarium faux plants | ron beck designs
home decor flora & greenery | ron beck designs



reptile terrarium plants & succulents

home decor & greenery

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Uniquely realistic designs; very fine customer service; a great place to shop!!

Buyer: t***r

These plants are absolutely breathtaking and are exactly as advertised. Definitely WAY better quality that you could buy in a store (for a reasonable price!). They were packaged wonderfully, as well. A+++

Buyer: Laura Colliton