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fir bark trunk | ron beck designs


fir bark trunk from ron beck designs

fir bark trunk | ron beck designs

One of the design elements that you don’t often see in the reptile plant design pictures, is the plants trunk. Many of the silk reptile plant and snake habitat plant designs that I make feature a hand made, hand crafted, fir bark trunk. The fir bark pieces are made from a renewable natural source and are safe for all reptiles.

The fir bark trunk adds another unique and realistic piece to my original designs.

See the plant design product details for further information. Each trunk takes about one hour to make and is available as an add on to the most of the plants design special ordes for an additional $4.99 per trunk.

The fir bark cannot be submerged in water and or have water sprayed onto it. If the fir bark becomes soaked with water, it will begin to separate.

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