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paper mache dogs by Lorraine Corrigan


Paper mache dogs by Lorraine Corrigan

paper mache dogs by Lorraine Corrigan

Who said that the figures made of paper-mache to be painted? The artist from the UK Corrigan Lorraine (Lorraine Corrigan) for his work refutes that. Her dog – like living, the author managed to convey the subtleties of animal movements, facial expressions and even the mood. That old dog, the dog lived a long life, here are a couple of young and funny animal that is about to jump off the shelves and run away with a cheerful dog barking in their affairs! Only a person who loves dogs, admire the elegance of these animals, could create such wonderful figures. Lorraine uses in his works fine paper, recycled paper and books, using for the transfer of the wire. Her figures are not static, they are anatomically accurate, they are so wonderful that looking at them, you forget that it’s just paper and glue.

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