reptile amphibian plants & succulents

Artificial Plants & Succulents: A unique and realistic line of hand designed reptile amphibian plants and succulents (plastic and silk). Click on image to enlarge and view product details. Free shipping on your purchase of $40 or more; Continental U.S. only.

reptile terrarium decor plants from ron beck designs

Looking for a custom order? View the custom order drop down link, under ‘services’. Any “read more” indicates a sold design. If this item is out of stock and you are interested in purchasing one, please send me an email to inquire about on-hand stock availability. Please include the designs name, desired quantity & height and the intended use (aquarium or reptile plant). You will receive a reply within 3 business days.

New designs are listed bi-weekly. E-Commerce Days Of Business | Monday thru Friday. Weekend purchases receive an order confirmation email the following Monday.

Unless otherwise stated, within each products description, the reptile terrarium plants & succulent designs are not to be be submerged in water. Risk of color’s (paints or dyes) bleeding or fading possible when submerged in water.

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Showing 1–18 of 151 results