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I recognize, not everyone “likes” the social networks. For those of you who would like to stay connected with ron beck designs, we offer a free email subscription service. There are four different email subscription options.

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I’m Ron of Ron Beck Designs and I hand design, hand craft, artificial decor plants. Faux aquarium plants, reptile terrarium plants and home-office decor. The plant designs are well crafted, life like and made of either plastic or silk. I use non toxic products and re-purpose plastic elements within the design structure.

My mission

The Aquarium & Reptile faux plants and succulents:

To design a plant that is unique, life like and comfortable for your pet. Artificial | Re-imagined, for the both of you!

The Home Decor Flora & Greenery:

To design a plant that is beautiful by design, unique and one which compliments your decor. Artificial | Re-imagined, for you!