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artificial aquarium plant: ming aralia


artificial aquarium plant: ming aralia

artificial aquarium plants ming aralia set 2 pap122 ron beck designs


artificial aquarium plant: ming aralia (set of 2) from ron beck designs | approximately 14″ and 12″ high. Weighted (w/natural river rock) plastic base; included. Design on the right has two stems on one base. The design on the left is a single stem on one base.
Product #: pap122
Price: $10.99

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Intended For: fresh water aquarium and or a reptile snake habitat.
Caution: Never use soap’s or detergent’s to clean you artificial plants. What they leave behind, can be toxic to your pets.
Instructions: Rinse in warm water before use. Place in the habitat enclosure and cover the plant base with your substrate.
Aquarium Decor Tip: Make the view angle pleasant and natural by putting taller plants towards the back and shorter plants up front.

Additional uses: Dioramas, school science projects, home decor and also as a unique gift.

* This design is featured here for purchase and is simultaneously available at all the shops as well. In the rare chance that it is “sold” at the same time from two different shops, ownership goes to the first to pay (based on date / time of payment); the other customer will receive a full refund (PayPal) within 3 business days.

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