Ron Beck Designs, Now Available On Michaels MakerPlace

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Michaels Makerplace

Ron Beck Designs


I’m pleased to announce the opening of my newest online shop location Ron Beck Designs @ Michaels Makerplace.

This shop will feature many of my hand designed / handcrafted Artificial Plant and Succulent Designs (Reptile, Aquarium and Human Habitats) along with the upcoming new Desktop Garden Scapes.

I’ll also be designing some specific artificial greenery and flora crafted as House Plants and Home Decor!

Michael's MakerPlace

Michaels new handmade marketplace, Michaels Makerplace, is now open (beta)! Here, you’ll find artisan-made items, live online classes and helpful how-to’s — all in one spot.

Visit their home page here.

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Hand Designed – Handcrafted Artificial Plants, Greenery, Flora and Succulents for Reptile Terrariums, Freshwater Aquariums and Human Habitats. Available @ the following online locations:


My Artificial Plant and Succulent Designs + Tank Accessories, Bushes & Stems, Decorative Pots & Containers, The Gift Shop, Gift Cards and Clearance Items.


My Artificial Plant and Succulent Designs + Tank Accessories, Bushes & Stems, Glassware and Decorative Pots & Containers.


My Artificial Plant and Succulent Designs + Tank Accessories, Bushes & Stems, Glassware and Decorative Pots & Containers.


My Artificial Plant and Succulent Designs.

Custom Orders are available via the Website only.

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Plant Chiropractics

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Sometimes, the road traveled from there to here isn't smooth.

Considering just how much freight is on the move globally, it’s no surprise that many packages arrive ‘beaten up’ or dented. 

And depending on how the contents were packed, things inside the package get bent, crushed and or broken.

Just like the new Green Willow Pepper Grass Blooms I recently received.

Sometimes you can fix the leaf bends / leaf positions and sometimes you cant because of product limitations by the design / manufacturing. So if you are willing to take a chance and use this hot water method, I recommend testing it on just one bloom initially just in case it reacts poorly to the hot water. Low quality plastics might melt and or fade in color. They can also fall part.

The following is the method I used to realign the Green Willow Pepper Grass Blooms. As you can see in the image, the end result was great!

The process is real easy and simple.


  1. Get a few tall shot glasses. Narrow bottom, fluted openings give you more choices how the bloom will look once reformed.
  2. Heat some water in microwave for 1 min. 45 seconds / 1000 watts. Do not use boiling water.
  3. Put a tooth pick into the stem of the bloom.
  4. Place your blooms into the shot glasses making sure all the leaves are positioned correctly. For a tighter appearing bloom, keep the bloom pushed towards the bottom. For a more open appearing bush, keep the bloom towards the top of the shot glass. The wider opening allows the laves to fan out more.
  5. Slowly pour the hot water into the shot glass. Use the tooth pick to move the bloom so that its centered.
  6. Now just let them sit while they soften. The water will naturally start to cool down (room temperature)  so you can remove them after about 30-45 minutes.
  7. Stick the tooth pick into a piece of foam so that the bloom is standing upright while it dries.

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Artificial Vivarium Plants – New Designs

Artificial Vivarium Plants & Succulents


New Artificial Vivarium Plants | Designs



Ron Beck Designs 10 2022


A few of the most recent artificial reptile terrarium plants and succulents. Each artificial plant design is hand designed and handcrafted. All unique, ‘one of a kind’ designs.

Silk Xanadu Philodendron (Winterbourn) Plant

Plastic Pine needle Bush

Silk Peperomia Bush

Silk Cannabis Plant

Fire Stick Cactus

Cedar Bonsai

Snake Plant Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii

Retail | Custom Orders | Wholesale | Consignmen

It’s been a busy year thus far and my apologizes for the time delays in posting new content & designs. Hope this finds everyone, well as can be.

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Etsy, Shop and check out as a guest

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My handcrafted, hand designed artificial plants and succulents are available here on my website and also from my ETSY SHOP.

How to

Check Out as a Guest on Etsy

Found the perfect thing on Etsy, but you’re not ready to commit to creating an account? You can check out as a guest. You can purchase most items on Etsy without an account, however there are still some things like leaving a review, or opening a case that require you create an Etsy account .

  1. After adding items to your Cart you can proceed to checkout, by selecting Continue as guest to complete your order.
  2. Choose how you’ll pay, by selecting your payment method.
  3. Enter your shipping information
  4. Select Continue to payment, you will be prompted to Create an Etsy account. You can either enter a password and continue with the registration process, or if you don’t want to connect your purchase to an account select Continue as guest.
  5. Select your payment method and Review your order.
  6. You’ll be able to choose your shipping method and add an optional note to the seller for your item.
  7. Select Place your order.

You’ll receive an email receipt for each shop that you purchased from. If you have a question for a seller, you can contact them by replying to the email receipt.

What’s the benefit of having an Etsy account?

While you can still purchase items on Etsy, and track the shipping status of your item without having an account. You still need an Etsy account in order to do certain things:

  • Purchasing a custom item
  • Contacting the seller before you purchase an item (you can only contact a seller as a guest after you’ve place an order)
  • Leaving a review for an order
  • Reporting a problem with an order 
  • Purchasing an Etsy Gift Card
  • Redeeming and paying with an Etsy Gift Card
  • Paying with iDeal or Sofort


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New Artificial Plant Design – Artificial Lipstick Vine Plant

Artificial Lipstick Vine Plant

Reptile Terrarium Plant

This Artificial Lipstick Vine Plant brings a realistic looking artificial plant to your Reptile Habitat, or Snake Cage.

The artificial silk plant design is approximately 6 inches high with an 8 inch span. This plant design has 5 stems. The plant is ideal as a Reptile Terrarium Habitat Plant or in a Snake Cage. The low profile black plastic base is square and measures three and a half inches per side. The weighted (w/ black river rock) food safe black plastic base is included.

The black plastic base contains black river rock to provide weight and stability to the designs. Base contains about 10+ small sized river rocks, each one individually hand picked and positioned.

Slight color variances in the leaves are possible by lighting type. Plant should not be placed directly under a heat lamp and or near heat source.

5 artificial plastic coasted wired stems / plastic leaves.

Product #: PRP451 | Price: $12.99

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Etsy Star Seller – Ron Beck Designs

Etsy Star Seller - Ron Beck Designs - April 2022 - ronbeckdesigns Etsy

I’m happy to share this achievement with you, being an Etsy Star Seller for the month of April and May 2022, which I recently received from Etsy.

My Etsy Shop


The Etsy Star Seller Requirements:

The Star Seller badge is our way of recognizing sellers with a proven record of providing a great customer experience. To become a Star Seller, your shop must meet certain criteria for messages, shipping, ratings, orders, and sales.

If these core fundamentals of delivering great customer service are achieved over a period of three months, your shop may receive a badge that shows buyers you consistently provide an excellent customer experience.

How your shop is evaluated for the Star Seller badge:

Messages, shipping, ratings, orders, and sales are calculated to determine Star Seller. In order to be evaluated, you need to have been on Etsy’s platform for 90 days since your first sale and comply with applicable policies, including our Seller Policy and our Terms of Use.

End of post 300 169

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Artificial Moss Pads – Aquarium Plants

Artificial Aquarium Plants - Artificial Moss Pads - Ron Beck Designs - parp276

Artificial Moss Pads

Artificial Aquarium Plants

These unique, hand designed handcrafted, Artificial Moss Pads adds realistic looking artificial plants to your freshwater Aquarium, Reptile Habitat Enclosure or Snake Cage Habitat. The Moss Pads are perfect for those times when all you need is just a small patch of greenery here and there. The leaves are semi soft and shouldn’t case any fin tarring. You can also purchase additional quantities of this plant and group them together to create a unique line of grass within your scape. Makes a great hideout for newborn fish!

Intended For: Freshwater Aquarium, A Reptile Amphibian Terrarium Habitat Plant, Tarantula Habitat or a Snake Cage Plant.




E-Commerce days of business are Monday thru Friday. All sales are final.


First-Class Mail® | Mail in 1-3 Business Days. Affordable mail service for large envelopes and small packages weighing up to 15.99 ounces with delivery in 3 business days or less.

Priority Mail® | Shipping in 1-3 Business Days. Get more for your money with shipping in 1, 2, or 3 business days based on where your package starts and where it’s being sent.

International Shipping:

  • We will ship internationally; Contact me for a rate quote before purchasing and include the design (s) you are interested in. We will invoice you, via your email address, separately through PayPal (which can process transactions for all major cards). No PayPal account required.

RON BECK DESIGNS | etsy | ebay

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