Artificial Green Mimosa Plant



Mimosa Leaf Spray

This artificial Mimosa Plant brings a unique and realistic look to your Reptile Terrarium or Snake Cage habitat.

This artificial reptile plant design is approximately 14 inches high and 13 inches wide. This plant is ideal as a reptile terrarium plant, snake cage plant or you can “plant it” as a Home Decor Plant. The black plastic base is square shaped and measures 3 inches per side. Weighted (w/ black river rock) black plastic base; included.

Slight color variances in the leaves are possible by lighting type.

Plant should not be placed directly under a heat lamp and or near heat source.

Product #: prp322 | Price: $14.99

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artificial aquarium plant: mimosa bushes custom order ron beck designs

custom order: artificial aquarium plants | mimosa bushes

31 January, 2018
Brooke | Minnesota

custom piece | mimosa bushes:

artificial aquarium plant: mimosa bushes custom order ron beck designs 2

Mimosa Bushes

artificial aquarium plants

6″ high and 8″ high.

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custom orders:

It’s important to me that you have other options to purchase the artificial aquarium plants, reptile habitat plants and home decor items I’ve designed and that’s why, custom orders are always welcome and there isn’t any additional charge for one!

See something you like but the size isn’t what you need, not a problem. In most cases I can easily design styles that are better suited to fit your personal tank situation. Note some plants stems are pre-cut in length by the manufacture which sometimes limits the height desired.
To view many of the plant styles I’ve designed, visit the design portfolios (links at top of page under ‘design portfolios’).

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mimosa bush | plastic aquarium plant

plastic aquarium plant: mimosa bush

plastic aquarium plant mimosa bush from ron beck designs. pap200

plastic aquarium plant mimosa bush from ron beck designs. 2 pap200

artificial aquarium decor plant: mimosa bush,

from ron beck designs | approximately 11″ high. Weighted (w/natural river rock) plastic base; included.
Product #: pap200
Price: $8.99
Condition: new

“Animals & Pet Supplies > Pet Supplies > Fish Supplies > Aquarium Decor > Artificial Aquarium Plants”

buy now-credit cards-ronbeckdesigns.comIntended For: fresh water aquarium, reptile terrarium habitat or a turtle terrarium.
Caution: Never use soap’s or detergent’s to clean you artificial plants. What they leave behind, can be toxic to your pets.
Instructions: Fill a bowl or bucket (depending on its size) with luke warm water. Grab the base of the plant design and turn it upside down. Slowly dip the plant design in the water a few times then sit it upright to dry. Place in the habitat enclosure and cover the plant base with your substrate.
Aquarium Decor Tip: Make the view angle pleasant and natural by putting taller plants towards the back and shorter plants up front.

Additional uses: Dioramas, school science projects, home decor and also as a unique gift.

* This design is featured here for purchase and is simultaneously available at all the shops as well. In the rare chance that it is “sold” at the same time from two different shops, ownership goes to the first to pay (based on date / time of payment); the other customer will receive a full refund (PayPal) within 3 business days.

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