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I’m currently working on several of the first home decor and office decor plant designs. I plan on offering a wide variety of design styles that will enhance your working and living spaces. The initial design styles will be traditional, seasonal and contemporary.


There are also plans for an upcoming distressed look, plant designs. These will be dark themed, Gothic perhaps at times but will all command a long stare. Imagine what a plant design might look like, many years after the infection outbreak…

Many of the aquarium plants or reptile habitat plants can also be used as a home decor or office decor plant.

  • Never needs watering or the right light. Adds a little green to your desk or home!

To use one of my plant designs as a home decor or office decor plant, simply place the plant design in a container. Fill with soil, spanish moss, sand or stones.

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Artificial plants offer many benefits, especially for those who are always on the go. They add a realistic natural looking green space to your counter, bookshelves or desktop. Artificial plants also require no daily maintenance so you never have to remember to water them.

artificial succulents | home decor

home decor artificial succulents | artificial plant | ron beck designs
home decor artificial succulents | artificial plants | ron beck designs

artificial succulents | home decor, artificial plants, 9″ high and 8″ wide.. Weighted black melamine base and artificial moss covering, included.
Product #: hd001
Price: $12.99
Condition: new

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“Home & Garden > Decor > Artificial Flora > Artificial Plants”
Intended For: home decor or office decor. Placing in strong direct sunlight may cause the colors to fade.

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