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31 January, 2018
Brooke | Minnesota

custom piece | mimosa bushes:

artificial aquarium plant: mimosa bushes custom order ron beck designs


artificial aquarium plant: mimosa bushes custom order ron beck designs 2

Mimosa Bushes

artificial aquarium plants

6″ high and 8″ high.

28 September, 2016plastic aquarium plants dry look bush's pap145 from ron beck designs

Nick | NY


It’s quite possible that next to the artificial plants used in actual aquariums (that cost hundreds of dollars), your plants are the most beautiful, realistic looking plants I have ever seen in the industry in 15 years. Your pieces are extraordinary…I’ve bought four from you so far and each one is better than the last.

20 August, 2016

Kathy | Colorado
rbd.com purchase: High Grass & Pine Needle Bushes

plastic aquarium plants high grass pap151 from ron beck designs

“I am very happy with the products and will order from you again.  Thanks so much for the personal attention you gave my inquiries. Kathy”.

25 October, 2015
Nick | New York
rbd.com purchase: Sea Weed Bush & Mad Grass.

plastic aquarium decor plant seaweed bush pap111 by ron beck designsplastic aquarium plants | mad grass

“Just want to say that your plants are mind blowingly realistic. What a breath of fresh air after all the crap that’s on the market — will definitely be purchasing in the future.”

1 September, 2015
B. Nagareda | Florida
Custom order: 2 Bush Fan Palms and 2 Cycus Palms.
plastic reptile snake habitat plant cycus palm custom by ron beck designs
cycus palm | plastic

“The artificial plant designs are unique and very well made.  High quality materials and craftsmanship go into not just each design but every individual product as well.  The designs made offer a wider variety of choices in materials and designs compared to what is typically available from the mass produced artificial aquarium and reptile plants found in stores or online pet supply retailers.



In my case I was looking for artificial plants for my snake habitats which closely resembled plants naturally found in their habitats.  The mass produced commercial artificial plants carried in pet stores and online pet supply retailers either did not match the look of the plants I needed or just looked cheaply made.    The products designed by Ron not only closely matched the look of the plant species I needed but also had a more natural look to them.  In addition Ron will make custom orders of his current designs and try to find new designs that may match what one is looking for.  Prices on his products are very reasonable for their quality and design.  They are easily comparable to the retail prices in stores and online and for their quality and design are in my opinion a much better deal than anything I have found in pet stores or at online retailers.

silk reptile snake habitat plant bush fan palm custom by ron beck designs
bush fan palm | silk with fir bark trunk

While this may not affect everyone, I modified the bases of my plants that I received.  Normally the bases would work fine if placed in gravel or sand.  However my southern and eastern hognose snakes have a tendency to dig around and would eventually tip over the plants due to the plastic lip around the base of the plants.  This was easily fixed by trimming off the plastic lip and then using epoxy putty (I used the aquarium safe kind for fish and reef tanks) to mold around the base, giving it more of a solid, flatter, rock looking base.

In summary the designs by Ron are high quality, very realistic, and offer a greater variety of design choices than what is available in pet stores, and all at very reasonable prices.  I am very happy I chanced upon his designs while surfing the web and with the products I purchased.  I would highly recommend anyone looking for unique artificial plants for their aquariums, terrariums, vivariums, or even home decor such as fake desktop plants, to give Ron’s products a try.”

etsy | review

13 November, 2014

ron beck designs on Etsy - Shop Reviews caroline1380
ron beck designs on Etsy – Shop Reviews caroline1380

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