Japanese Tree Frog – Awavi on Flickr

Awavi - Flickr - 斑入りアマガエル - Japanese Tree Frog

Japanese Tree Frog

Awavi – Flickr – 斑入りアマガエル.


The Japanese Tree Frog is a species of tree frog distributed from Hokkaidō to Yakushima in Japan and from Korea along the Ussuri River to north-eastern China, northern Mongolia, and the southern parts of the Russian Far East. The Japanese tree frog was formerly considered to be a subspecies of the European tree frog. Wikipedia

Size: Approximately 1 and a half inches.

The word ‘frog‘ in Japanese means ‘return’, which is why the frog is considered a Japanese lucky animal and seen as good fortune in things returning.

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Reptile Tank Decor – Artificial Plants and Succulents

Handcrafted Reptile Habitat Plants and SucculentsHandcrafted Reptile Habitat Plants and Succulents - Reptile Tank DecorReptile Tank DecorReptile Tank DecorReptile Tank DecorReptile Tank DecorReptile Tank DecorReptile Tank DecorRon Beck Designs - Reptile Tank DecorReptile Tank Decor - 9 Succulents - Ron Beck Designs10 TILLANDSIA - Ron Beck Designs 1280 72011 Buyer_ L C ETSY 1280 72012 Subscribe - Ron Beck Designs13 Artificial-Reptile-Habitat-Plants - Ron-Beck-Designs

“Just because they’re artificial, doesn’t mean they have to look fake.” – Ron Beck

A unique selection of handcrafted, hand designed Reptile Tank Decor Plants and Succulents.


the mechanics:

I use non toxic adhesive (as stated by the original manufacture) on all my designs.

For the aquarium plant designs: Leaf styles/stem samples are always pre “dip tested” in fresh bottled water (that’s 80 degrees) then soaked for 7 days, to check for possible color bleeding or fading and stability.

For the reptile terrarium plant designs & succulents: Unless otherwise stated, within each products description, the reptile terrarium plants & succulent designs can not be submerged in water. Risk of color’s (paint or dyes) bleeding and or fading possible when submerged in water. On very rare occasions, the original manufacture of the plant materials may have experienced dye lot issues during production that I am not aware of.

I buy from a variety of suppliers both locally and online. Since supply and demand are always changing, when one is out of stock I will pursue other suppliers. Unfortunately, there are times when I can only get a particular plant stem or bush from one supplier forcing me to wait. Lastly, since each design is done by hand, no one design is exactly like another. For example, if you ordered 6 pieces of one particular style #, not all the leaves would point in exactly the same direction. The overall quantity of the product duplication would be the same though.

Artificial Reptile Desert Decor Plant – Artificial Beautertia Cactus

Artificial Beautertia Cactus 4 – Artificial Reptile Desert Cactus Plant - 1080 1920 black phone
Artificial Beautertia Cactus - Artificial Reptile Desert Cactus Plant - prp347 - prp347

Artificial Beautertia Cactus

Artificial Artificial Beautertia Cactus - Artificial Reptile Desert Cactus Plant - prp347 3

Artificial Reptile Desert Decor Cactus Plant

This artificial Artificial Beautertia Cactus brings a realistic looking artificial plant to your Reptile Habitat Desert Decor.

This unique artificial silk reptile plant design is approximately 5 inches high and 4 inches wide. This plant design has 7 separate pieces permanently attached to one single base. Plant is ideal as a reptile habitat plant or as a snake cage plant.

The pieces of this artificial cactus plant are made of a semi soft plastic.


Artificial Variegated Matai Plant

This Artificial Variegated Matai Plant brings a unique looking artificial plant to your Freshwater Aquarium or Reptile Turtle Habitat.

Unique handcrafted, artificial habitat plant design, approximately 3.5 inches high & 5 inches wide. Plant is ideal for a freshwater aquarium or as a reptile terrarium habitat plant. The low profile black plastic base is square and measures 3 inches per side. Weighted (w/ black river rock) black plastic base; included.


1 SCAPE – Artificial Succulents With Driftwood

Introducing: 1 S C A P E

1 SCAPE – Artificial Succulents With Driftwood, designed together, all on one weighted base. This unique original design can be used as a Desert Reptile Habitat Plant or as a Home Office desktop decor plant. Available Summer 2020 | Ron Beck DESIGNS.

1 Scape - Introduction Post Image - Artificial Plants and Succulents - Ron Beck Designs - 1300 975 (1)


1 SCAPE is a perfect addition to your Reptile Desert Habitat or Snake Cage Desert Environment. The base of the design is covered / hidden by your substrate. I'm showing it here with fir bark (not included). The base is made of a heavy duty plastic with beveled sides. The Desert Reptile Decor Plant version does not come with the black gravel as shown in the Home Office Desktop version.

1 Scape - Artificial Reptile Decor - Home Decor - Driftwood - Succulents


You can easily add a zen space to your desk top, thanks to 1 SCAPE. It will also help you to chill. the more time you spend with it. The Home Office Desktop version comes with the black gravel as show above (packed loose) to cover / hide the rock weighted base. The base is made of a heavy duty plastic with beveled sides.

Google Customer Reviews – Ron Beck Designs

Google Customer Review - Ron Beck Designs - Black - 1280 720


Product & Service reviews are important. Not only do they help me to better serve my pet keepers needs, they also help potential new customers to learn more about the plant designs I create and services I offer.

Some helpful questions to help you create your review:
How did the plant look? Was it well made? How was the service you received?
If you have purchased a plant design from me, and would like to share your feedback on Google, here is the link.


And if you happen to be someone who prefers not to compose a review, there is a simple 1 – 5 star rating you simply click on.

And in appreciation for your time & feedback (+/-), you will receive a coupon promotional code good for $5 off your total purchase (before shipping), via your email address from the review.

Cheers! – RON

Coupon Promotional Code: Limit one coupon per total purchase. Limited to one per person, one time use only. Google Review Reward Promotional Code expires 11-30 – 2020.

Valid only on The Shop | RON BECK DESIGNS


Artificial Green Mimosa Plant



Mimosa Leaf Spray

This artificial Mimosa Plant brings a unique and realistic look to your Reptile Terrarium or Snake Cage habitat.

This artificial reptile plant design is approximately 14 inches high and 13 inches wide. This plant is ideal as a reptile terrarium plant, snake cage plant or you can “plant it” as a Home Decor Plant. The black plastic base is square shaped and measures 3 inches per side. Weighted (w/ black river rock) black plastic base; included.

Slight color variances in the leaves are possible by lighting type.

Plant should not be placed directly under a heat lamp and or near heat source.

Product #: prp322 | Price: $14.99




Music is in our lives and is often connected to a particular event in someones life. We can then take comfort from the feels we get every time we listen to “that track”. Digital media has forever changed the way we listen to music; mobile now makes it global and readily available.

I’ve listened to music as far back as I can remember… It’s always been a reliable, good friend to me. Throughout my life time it has beeen, at times, my “oxygen” and others my “exhale”. As an adult, I am still very much the boy at heart when it comes to new discoveries, especialy in music.

I’ve worked in the industry itself for a long time (sales, radio, buyer, dj). I was also given many opportunities to meet a number of gifted, talented individuals. I want to continue to share the tracks I’ve heard. The songs should live on… So I have decided to create a page deadicated just to music I listen to.

As for the artists featured here, some are new discoveries and others are long time personal favorites. No matter the genre, there was something about “that song”. Each month I will feature 6 new artists / tracks and remove the older 6. It’s a fresh new mix, each month!

The music genres featured here: House Music | Soul | Chill out | Ambient | Jazz | Indie | Vocal Easy | Acoustic | R&B | Club Classics | 1970’s | 1980’s | *UNPOP

Those of you who already are subscribed to the blog, you will not see the music posts in your subscription email. The music blog posts are a separate subscription; someone may not be interested in viewing my music posts.