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Aquarium from Brian Boudreau on Vimeo.


100 gallon cichlid tank | freshwater

Aquarium from Brian Boudreau on Vimeo.

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what’s under your hood?

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beautiful forms: flow/er | Lukas Vojir


In nature, it is often the simplest rules that lead to forming the most complex, beautiful forms.

flow/er from Lukas Vojir on Vimeo.

flow/er is a visual poem that observes this through a design lens, combining our fascination with organic, raw aesthetic with foreign geometric forms. We observe natural laws take shape in a strange dance of meticulous choreography clashing with violent forces of nature.

by: Alexa Sirbu, Lukas Vojir,

Music: Zelig Sound,


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bequeath these seeds | casey curran


casey curran | organic and industrial imagery

bequeath these seeds from casey curran on Vimeo.

“Bequeath these Seeds,” was created by Casey Curran in 2016 for the Bellevue Arts Museum biennial show “Metalmorphosis”. Inspired by Seattle’s rapid development Curran folds organic and industrial imagery into a starkly beautiful kinetic environment. Composed of liquid plastic, brass wire, and a wooden scaffold “Bequeath these Seeds” crawls with a simulacra of life.

Video by
Fritz Rodriguez

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