New Plot Designs

The plot designs feature a low profile, plot of aquarium artificial grass for your tank. The plant designs are placed in a row or zig-zag pattern on the plastic rectangular base. Patterns vary, by design.

Perfect for newly hatched eggs, offering them a safe place to hide. Loaches will also enjoy these as they can either play or relax in a calm place.

Intended for an aquatic environment; the plots can also be used in your reptile amphibian habitats as well.

Each plot (base) measures 7.5″ x 2.5″ and are weighted with natural aquarium safe river rock.

plastic aquarium plants: Atlantis grass plot pap240 3
Example: View from above, looking down.

Pine Needle | pap241

Atlantis Grass | pap240

Spear Leaves | pap239

River Grass | pap238

Dwarf Mini Leaves | pap243