Plastic Fern | Artificial Reptile Terrarium Plant


Plastic Fern

Artificial Reptile Plant

  • Hand designed, reptile decor plant.
  • Approx. 5″ high & 15″ wide.
  • Weighted (w/natural river rock) low profile plastic base; included.
  • Product #: prp229 | More details below.

Shipping: USPS | Cost based on total weight & zip code.

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plastic fern | artificial reptile plant prp229

plastic fern | artificial reptile plant prp229 2

Plastic Fern

Artificial Reptile Terrarium Plant

This Artificial Plastic Fern brings a realistic looking artificial plant to your Reptile Terrarium Habitat, Spider Terrarium or Snake Cage

The artificial plant design is hand designed and handcrafted. The plant is approximately 5 inches high with a 15 inch span. This artificial fern design has 9-10 leaf stems. Each of the fern leaves have a rough cut edge about them which adds a unique form to the leaves. The plant is ideal as a Reptile Terrarium Habitat Plant, Spider Terrarium Plant or in a Snake Cage. The low profile black plastic base is square and measures three and a half inches per side. The weighted (w/ black river rock) food safe black plastic base is included.

The black plastic base contains black river rock to provide weight and stability to the designs. Base contains about 10+ small sized river rocks, each one individually hand picked and positioned.

Slight color variances in the leaves are possible by lighting type.

Plant should not be placed directly under a heat lamp and or near heat source.

Product #: PRP229 | Price: $11.99

9-10 artificial plastic coated wired stems / plastic leaves.

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Intended For: reptile habitat, spider terrarium or as an artificial indoor plant for home decor.

Additional uses: Dioramas, school science projects, home decor or also as a unique gift.

* This design featured here for purchase and is simultaneously available at all the shops as well. In the chance that it is “sold” at the same time from two different shops, ownership goes to the first to pay (based on date / time of payment); the other customer will receive a full refund (PayPal) within 3 business days.

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