Gavin Dunaj

It was clear to me, after looking at the last few years sales figures, I’m in need of product design support to not only help meet current order demands but also to grow my business and strengthen my brand. These past few years have been a challenge, processing orders in a timely manor of 3-5 days.

And days later I’m approached by someone ‘out of the blue’ that I recognized but knew little about. He said he really liked my plant designs and wanted to work with me, helping design / create Aquarium and Reptile Plants & Decor.

I am happy to announce that I have taken on an apprentice, whom is certain to become a talented Design Assistant much sooner than anticipated. He has already shown many skills, has an awareness of current industry trends and I appreciate and admire his design aesthetic. I see great promise in him. His name is Gavin Dunaj.

Within just a few weeks he’s created and designed several new Aquarium Décor Pieces which feature either Resin or Natural Driftwood and some greenery. Two of his designs have already gone to market and one will go into production as part of our in-stock items (pre-made quantities, ready to sell). He has also secured a Consignment Order of 28 Plants & Decor from a new Seller in Mountaintop PA called O’FishShell. Our handcrafted artificial aquarium plant and decor items are now available there (limited varieties)!

I’m fortunate to have someone helping me now. Gavin’s fierce determination to learn, create, make and sell truly inspires me.


In the upcoming weeks you can look for OUR new line of Driftwood w/Greenery Decor pieces called 1 Scape. Suitable for either an Aquarium or Reptile Habitat. To start off, the wood choices will vary in size from small to medium. Wood types will will seek out are Azalea Wood, Spider Wood, Tiger Wood, Mopani Wood, Manzanita Wood, Redmoor Wood, Sumatra Wood, and Malaysian Driftwood. We plan on adding L & XL wood pieces as the demand grows.

Artificial Aquarium Resin Wood Decor


Gavin Dunaj Design

white wide driftwood artificial fern cable tie mount 1500 818

Steampunk style fish art | Image by Anne-marie Ridderhof from Pixabay