New Plant Design Add On Option

Hanging Reptile Plants Anchor

I’m happy to offer a new Attachment Element for the plant designs.

The Cable Tie Mount makes attaching the plant to wood or onto a background, easy! Sometimes a suction cup isn’t whats needed. This Mount will also hang from a standard sized suction cup hook if needed.

Once you’ve decided where you want to place the plant: just hold in place, wrap the cable tie around your branch / wire, then insert the cable tie through the openings of the mount piece. Insert Cable Tie into its locking portal. Pull on cable tie to tighten. Cut excess cable tie.

The manufactures adhesive backing strength is good, firm bond. When your plant(s) arrive, the cable mount will have already been securely attached to the back / bottom of the base. Cable tie included.

If you are buying these to use for some other use, please mention in your order that you do not want the adhesive cover removed. This is also assumed if any order only contains Cable Mounts and no plants.

Reptile Plants Hanging Anchor for artificial plants - Snake Snail Terrarium Habitat - Ron Beck Designs 1920 1080