How to contact Facebook

10 05 2019 | Links after content.

So, for the past few weeks, my Facebook Business Page was locked due to what they said was suspicious activity by someone else? I never entered my Facebook login information on any other website or page. Although I am appreciative of this action taken by the Facebook staff, I am not at all happy about their delay in addressing this issue and responding..

I had sent them several emails and a few online messages through their security / recovery process and still no one replied to any of my requests. Also, none of the recovery steps I took proved successful. As a last resort, I reached out to a loyal customer / follower Brittany Bellows who was kind enough to notify Facebook on my behalf through their message app. I was also locked out of the message app option as well. Thank you Brittany again, for your help! A few days after that message, I finally got a reply and link to unlock my page.

Being temporarily “locked out” and not being able to login in and or contact Facebook directly is an awful position to be in. Facebook should offer some type of online support; finding a link or email address for assistance online is a real tedious task; almost impossible and very frustrating. Oh and if a business pays for advertising on Facebook, those folks have direct access to administrative assistance. Yes Facebook is a free service for us all but it should include some type of dedicated / timely support and communication. #facebook #lockedout #ronbeckdesigns #BrittanyBellows

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This difficult task, is now a little easier.

How to contact Facebook
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