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Feedback - Ron Beck Designs - Etsy Shop 02 2022

Feedback – Ron Beck Designs

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Here’s a few recent customer reviews from my Etsy Shop.
527 Sales and growing! Average Rating: 5 Stars

I’m grateful for all the support my customers and followers give me; you are all very much appreciated!

I also appreciate the folks who took the time to photograph their new plants, placed in the habitat. I learn a lot from these images.


Google Customer Reviews – Ron Beck Designs

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Product & Service reviews are important. Not only do they help me to better serve my pet keepers needs, they also help potential new customers to learn more about the plant designs I create and services I offer.

Some helpful questions to help you create your review:
How did the plant look? Was it well made? How was the service you received?
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Cheers! – RON


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Customer Testimonial


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I get asked a lot about the plants in my tanks. Here is the thing… they are all fake (the moss and leaves in my tanks are real though) – – I tried live plants years ago but they were a real challenge for me to keep alive, nice looking, move around to egg check or find snails, etc and over time I gave up on them. Honestly the snails don’t seem to care either as they sleep in, under and interact with the fake plants just as much as they did with the live. – Some of my plants came from some Amazon searches for “realistic terrarium plant” and others came from a place called Ron Beck Designs who is a reptile plant maker in the US and makes some amazing stuff. If you can have live plants in your tank that is great, but for those that can’t there are some really nice fake options out there. @ronbeckdesigns

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customer feedback: Nick – New York

25 October, 2015 Nick | New York. purchase: Sea Weed Bush & Mad Grass.

plastic aquarium decor plant seaweed bush pap111 by ron beck designs

plastic aquarium plants | mad grass #parp073 | $9.99
“Just want to say that your plants are mind blowingly realistic. What a breath of fresh air after all the crap that’s on the market — will definitely be purchasing in the future.”