Happy Holidays 2021

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Happy Holidays | 2021!

As you gather with friends and family, this holiday season, I hope that your time spent together brought you peace & happiness.

Safe travels and well wishes!


I would also like to take a moment and thank all of of you, for your continued support through year!

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New Artificial Plant Types – Holidays 2021

Holiday New Designs - Gift Holiday Box's - Image by George Dolgikh from Pixabay (1)
Gift Holiday Box's - Image by George Dolgikh from Pixabay


I’m always on the hunt for New Artificial Plant Types and materials.

I’m also very particular of the products quality and realistic appeal. I also have to consider how might it be used within a reptile, aquarium or home environment. More often than not, I have to choose to reject many artificial plant stems because they’re “just not right” for my designs. Fake doesn’t have to look cheap.

But sometimes, I am fortunate to find some really nice new plant varieties! From now on, when ever I introduce a new plant variety into the design collection, you’ll see the ‘New Plant Type announcement featured on the new designs product image. This will apply to any new varieties that have been created for the very first time.

The New Plant Varieties will start to become available, beginning in November 2021. Some of the new varieties will also allow me to design plants that are 12 – 16 inches tall, perfect for a slightly larger reptile terrarium. Finding realistic looking taller artificial plants isn’t always easy.

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Image by George Dolgikh from Pixabay

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Happy Holidays 2020 from Ron Beck Designs

Happy Holidays, 2020, from Ron Beck Designs

Tis that time of year, the Christmas Holidays.

This year certainly doesn’t feel like holidays past as our world has drastically changed for the worst. We have been pledged by the Corona Virus. The suffering we have experienced is unprecedented. It’s hard to fathom that one virus, from a far away land, was able to change our entire way of life in a matter of days.

Many have lost loved ones during this pandemic. It will make this holiday, even harder to bare. It’s so important that we look deep within our selves for the strength & support people will need. Stop and listen for their call for help. Do some thing for some one. Love, care and compassion for others are the most valuable gifts one can give any time of the year.

I want to wish you all a safe holiday season and cherish the gift of time you are given.

Take care – Ron


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