Stenocactus | concrete garden on tumblr.


Stenocactus | concrete garden on tumblr.

Stenocactus | concrete garden

on tumblr.

Echeveria, Tillandsia and Platycerium.

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A number of species of the genus Stenocactus are popular in cultivation. The plants are globose and remain relatively small making them very manageable in pots. Additionally, they grow easily and flower readily – often one of the first in a cactus collection to flower in the spring. In addition to their ball-shape, most species in this genus have unique fin-like ribs that are very numerous. This gives them a look reminiscent of undersea coral. Spines are usually present and prominent, but not to the point of obscuring the stem. Flowers arise at the apex and are often white with a wide, dark pink midstripe, but can be a plain creamy white. This genus is native to the Chihuahuan desert in Mexico.

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