custom order: artificial aquarium plant | blade grass

24 February, 2018
Kyle | Idaho

custom piece | blade grass:

custom order blade grass from ron beck designs 1024 768 2

Blade Grass

artificial aquarium plant

20+ blades, 7″ high and 8″ high.

There were additional plant designs ordered that were not featured in this post.

his comments:

“These plants are the most realistic artificial aquarium plants I’ve encountered. My snails were tearing up all the live ones and uprooting them. Finally I became tired of re-planting and them eventually dying. But, I wanted to have that planted tank look still. My girlfriend can’t tell they are artificial. I just said “I got new plants!”. That’s a win in my book. Thanks Ron!”

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what’s under your hood?

custom orders:

It’s important to me that you have other options to purchase the artificial aquarium plants, reptile habitat plants and home decor items I’ve designed and that’s why, custom orders are always welcome and there isn’t any additional charge for one!

See something you like but the size isn’t what you need, not a problem. In most cases I can easily design styles that are better suited to fit your personal tank situation. Note some plants stems are pre-cut in length by the manufacture which sometimes limits the height desired.
To view many of the plant styles I’ve designed, visit the design portfolios (links at top of page under ‘design portfolios’).

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