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dwarf hygrophila artificial aquarium plants | ron beck designs pap273 2

dwarf hygrophila – artificial aquarium plants – reptile decor plants


Artificial Dwarf Hygrophila

Dwarf Hygrophila

artificial aquarium plants | reptile terrarium decor plants

Set of 2 artificial dwarf hygrohila plants. Plant designs are approximately 3.5″ high. The base is square shaped and measures 3″ each side. Weighted (w/natural aquarium gravel) low profile white plastic base; included.

These, artificial plastic plants, can be submerged in water.

Product #: pap273
Price: $10.99 (Set of 2)

Artificial Aquarium Plants | Mini Leaves


Mini Leaves

Mini Leaves

Mini Leaves, artificial aquarium plants. Plant designs are approximately 3″ high each. The base is square shaped and measures 3″ square. Weighted (w/black aquarium gravel) low profile black plastic base; included.

These artificial plastic plants can be submerged in water.

Product #: pap257
Price: $10.99
Condition: new

"Animals & Pet Supplies > Fish Supplies > Aquarium Decor"

Instructions: Gently rinse with cold water. Place in the habitat enclosure and cover the plant base with your substrate.

Intended For: Aquarium or reptile amphibian habitat or “plant it” in your own container as a no care artificial plant for home decor.

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aquarium artificial grass plots


New Plot Designs

The plot designs feature a low profile, plot of aquarium artificial grass for your tank. The plant designs are placed in a row or zig-zag pattern on the plastic rectangular base. Patterns vary, by design.

Perfect for newly hatched eggs, offering them a safe place to hide. Loaches will also enjoy these as they can either play or relax in a calm place.

Intended for an aquatic environment; the plots can also be used in your reptile amphibian habitats as well.

Each plot (base) measures 7.5″ x 2.5″ and are weighted with natural aquarium safe river rock.

plastic aquarium plants: Atlantis grass plot pap240 3
Example: View from above, looking down.

Pine Needle | pap241

Atlantis Grass | pap240

Spear Leaves | pap239

River Grass | pap238

Dwarf Mini Leaves | pap243

custom order: artificial aquarium plants | spiked ferns


12 June, 2018
Karen | Pennsylvania

spiked ferns | custom pieces:

plastic aquarium plants: spiked ferns from ron beck designs

Spiked Ferns

artificial aquarium plants | reptile terrarium plants

plastic aquarium plants or reptile terrarium plants from ron beck designs. 06 2018

There were 11 additional plant designs ordered that were not featured in this post.


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custom orders:

It’s important to me that you have other options to purchase the artificial aquarium plants, reptile habitat plants and home decor items I’ve designed and that’s why, custom orders are always welcome and there isn’t any additional charge for one!

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