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Etsy Star Seller - Ron Beck Designs - April 2022 - ronbeckdesigns Etsy

I’m happy to share this achievement with you, being an Etsy Star Seller for the month of April and May 2022, which I recently received from Etsy.

My Etsy Shop


The Etsy Star Seller Requirements:

The Star Seller badge is our way of recognizing sellers with a proven record of providing a great customer experience. To become a Star Seller, your shop must meet certain criteria for messages, shipping, ratings, orders, and sales.

If these core fundamentals of delivering great customer service are achieved over a period of three months, your shop may receive a badge that shows buyers you consistently provide an excellent customer experience.

How your shop is evaluated for the Star Seller badge:

Messages, shipping, ratings, orders, and sales are calculated to determine Star Seller. In order to be evaluated, you need to have been on Etsy’s platform for 90 days since your first sale and comply with applicable policies, including our Seller Policy and our Terms of Use.

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Japanese Grass – Artificial Aquarium & Reptile Terrarium Plant

Artificial Aquarium Plant – Reptile Terrarium Plant

This unique, hand designed handcrafted, Artificial Japanese Grass Plant brings a realistic looking artificial plant to your Aquarium, Reptile Habitat Enclosure or Snake Cage Habitat.

Sometimes, all you want is just one simple plant and this Artificial Japanese Grass is a great candidate. You can also purchase a few and spread them throughout the tank for a minimal, uniformed look.

This design is 4 inches high and 4 inches wide, on a weighted base using aquarium safe gravel. The low profile black plastic base is also food safe. Grass strands are semi soft therefore no fin tares to worry about. Plant is ideal for a Freshwater Aquarium, Turtle Tank, Reptile Habitat or as a Snake Cage Plant.

The black plastic base contains river rock to provide weight and stability to the designs. Base contains about 15+ small sized river rocks, each one individually hand picked and positioned. The base construction is secure and there aren’t any sharp rock edges.

Slight color variances in the plant are possible by lighting type. Plant should not be placed directly under a heat lamp and or near heat source.

Product # PARP414 | PURCHASE

Handcrafted Artificial Plants – Hand Designed


What does he mean by saying "handcrafted artificial plants"?

One questions that pops up often is “what do you mean, you make them? Don’t you just cut the stems and glue them into a base?”

Yes, many of the plant designs I create are not “made” by me. After cutting all the leaves and stems from their core stem, I then begin the design process. Sometimes its just a matter of bending the stems in a realistic looking pattern, turning the leaves and then securing them all into a base.

I also “create” the base for the aquarium and reptile habitat plants. It is made up of a small plastic (food safe) container which is filled with river rock and then, secured within using nontoxic adhesive.

The art of it is often, it’s construction and creation.

Ron Beck Designs

And then there are the plants that I “make”. I do actually construct & design the entire plant along with its base. As you can see in the images below, the construction part begins by first cutting and choosing the leaves or stems.

After I’ve decided on the materials, I then begin to construct a base for the design. There is a center point spindle from which I plan the design.

From there I start placing / positioning the stems in a “realistic looking” design pattern. A great deal of thought go’s into the placement each and every stems or leaf.

The base will be then weighted (secured) with river rock. Each stone is hand chosen and placed around the inner base (trunk / stem) of the design. The river rock also adds stability to the design structure.

And here is the completed design!

Design Time: 45 minutes.

Photography: 30 minutes.

Photo Editing: 15 minutes.

Upload / Create Listing: 15 minutes.

Artificial Aloe vaombe (Malagasy Tree Aloe) - Artificial Reptile Desert Decor Plant

The Plot Collection – Artificial Grass & Greenery


 The Plot Collection features a variety of artificial grass’s and assorted greenery that makes great ground cover inside your enclosure, instead of a plant or bush. They also work well as a safe breeding area for any new arrivals!

The design intent was a low profile plot of greenery; ranging in heights from 1/2 an inch up to 2 inches high. Minimal areas of greenery can really bring a barren space to life and add additional depth to the landscape your recreating.

The plot base measures 7.5″ x 2.5″. Weighted (w/river rock). Low profile design. More details and specifics are available in the design’s description. SEE THEM HERE


Greenery Leaf Plot - Real Touch - Artificial Reptile Habitat Plant - prp366


cabinetexcellent aka


cabinetexcellent is it a legitimate, on line retailer?

Considering the current direction of the masses, it still came as a surprise to see someone was actually selling one of my designs, illegally.

Selling, potentially collecting revenue for something they did not create. Selling something that they had no permission given, to do so.

The suggested retail price was in fact, the original selling price from my shop. The discounted price was decided by cabinetexcellent.

They are wrongfully selling an item that does not physically exist. This particular design, spike moss bushes (prp202), was sold to a customer in Australia by me.



Both images are screen shots from the website. The first image is the actual item listing and the second, the original message I sent them.

Page link
Their web site

The Blog - New Posts - Ron Beck Designs

blog update | 03212019

For those of you who follow the blog, via your email.

The new blog posts subscription email has been restructured to present itself in a more clean, minimal design layout. It will also provide a better viewing experience on a mobile device.

Thanks for your continued support.


artificial plants: aquarium plants | reptile plants & succulents 2019

Artificial | Re-imagined

What’s under your hood?

A unique line of realistic looking artificial reptile habitat plants & succulents. Hand designed and handcrafted from ron beck designs. | ebay | etsy

What’s under your hood?

A unique line of realistic looking artificial aquarium plants. Hand designed and handcrafted from ron beck designs. | ebay | etsy

Happy Holidays 2017

Happy Holidays 2017 Ron Beck Designs

Happy Holidays

As the calendar year 2017 draws to a close, I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for another adventurous year! Your support and patronage are greatly appreciated, always.

I hope your holiday festivities are joyous and safe.

And please be extra kind and extra considerate to those who work in retail. They help facilitate 100’s of family’s holiday needs, every hour of every day. And most are not “allowed” to call off sick during the holiday shopping season. The fear of having their hours cut and or loss of the job haunts many an employee, both at home and during their shift.

Imagine your holiday, without them?

2017 Ron Beck Designs

Happy Holidays 2017 | ron beck designs

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hand designed aquarium | reptile terrarium plants & succulents

I’m Ron of Ron Beck Designs and I hand design, hand craft, artificial decor plants. Faux aquarium plants,reptile terrarium plants and home-office decor. The plant designs are well crafted, life like and made of either plastic or silk. I use non toxic products and re-purpose plastic elements within the design structure.

Artificial | Re-imagined, for the both of you!

My original designs offer a realistic, attractive, unique plant for your freshwater aquarium, reptile or snake habitat enclosure and home decor-office decor.

*free shipping is within the continental United States only. Not applicable for custom orders.

We do offer international shipping, please inquire about rates.

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