I am thankful

Tis or Twas?

I am thankful, ron beck designs. | wooden shelves empty asetgn.

Thankful and fortunate I am.

As many of you have already noticed and mentioned, the current selection of available plant designs are at an all time low. I am thankful and fortunate that my plants designs are sought after, year after year. Seems I can not make them fast enough.

I work a full time job at the local record shop. With that, I also create new designs and manage my MS. Guess I like challenges?

I will be back in the studio early next week to begin several new plant designs.

If you see something you like and or if something is “out of stock”, custom orders are always welcome. Information available at the link.

Thank you for your understanding and interest in my hand designed artificial aquarium plants and reptile plant designs.

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