Miniature Reptile Micro Gardens – Coming Soon

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Miniature Reptile Micro Gardens

If it weren’t for all the great reviews and continued support of so many pet keepers from all over the world, I would not have had the pleasure of these past fifteen years. I am fortunate to have been able to continue creating and designing artificial plants for freshwater aquariums and reptile terrarium habitats.

I am truly grateful to have those patrons, many of which are repeat customers!

In keeping with the Reptile theme, I am happy to announce a new design line of Miniature Reptile Micro Gardens. The new artificial gardens will feature miniature Reptiles (Gecko’s, Komodo Dragons and Chameleons) and Snakes, nestled in a natural looking scene of greenery, sand and lava rocks. The Micro gardens will fit nicely on a tabletop or desktop along with adding a little green to your space!

The base of the Miniature Reptile Micro Gardens will either be a miniature wood pallet or a low profile round dish. I’ll also be using pieces of slate, both as a base and or as part of the Micro Garden itself.

And for the fish keepers, there will also be Miniature Aquatic Micro Gardens which will feature a variety of fish and marine life with greenery or coral. There will also be one original design that features a unique water element with miniature Koi fish!

The Micro Garden designs should be available by summer’s end 2021.

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