plastic aquarium plants: variegated money tree

plastic aquarium plants: variegated money tree

ron beck designs

aquarium plants Variegated money tree plastic pap076 ron beck designs 

This plant design is a plastic aquarium plant called a Money Tree. I really like the shapes of the leaves and the semi soft stems. Since the stems are soft flexible, the entire bush will move slightly with the waters current in your tank.

My original designs offer a realistic, attractive, unique plant decoration for your freshwater aquarium, reptile habitat enclosure and home decor-office decor.

Additional Uses: Others have purchased my designs for use in school science projects, architectural model designs, landscaping modules, dioramas, home decor and for gift giving! You can “plant it” in your own container.  Just add soil or sand for a no care what-so-ever house or office plant! Product is life like and safe; no toxic products used.

aquarium plant: money tree variegated, plastic, pap076 approx. 6″ high.
Weighted (w/natural river rock) plastic base included.

Category: Artificial Aquarium Plants
Product #: pap076
$9.99 + shipping
Condition: New | Non toxic products used.
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