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© ron beck designs

I received an email from an eBay customer recently, complimenting the plant designs I had made. He also suggested that I ‘show off’ the plant base of each plant design, within the product description and image gallery. He stated how much he appreciated and admired the detailing and craftsmanship that went into each design.

I think it was a great suggestion and I will begin to do so.

plant base © ron beck designs
© ron beck designs

This is why feedback is so important to me.

the plant base construction:

Once I have completed the principal design work, I then begin constructing the plants weighted base. I hand select each stone in order to create the best fit, side by side.

Each stone (polished river rock) is then hand positioned using the non toxic, hot glue. Each standard size plant base (low profile black base) contains approximately 20 stones which makes for a nice weight to anchor it to the bottom of your enclosure. It does take about 40 minutes just to create and design the weighted base. After that, an additional 6-8 hour drying time is ideal as it allows the hot glue to better set and bond with the rocks.

plant base design © ron beck designs
© ron beck designs