Reptile Tank Decor – Artificial Plants and Succulents

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“Just because they’re artificial, doesn’t mean they have to look fake.” – Ron Beck

A unique selection of handcrafted, hand designed Reptile Tank Decor Plants and Succulents.


the mechanics:

I use non toxic adhesive (as stated by the original manufacture) on all my designs.

For the aquarium plant designs: Leaf styles/stem samples are always pre “dip tested” in fresh bottled water (that’s 80 degrees) then soaked for 7 days, to check for possible color bleeding or fading and stability.

For the reptile terrarium plant designs & succulents: Unless otherwise stated, within each products description, the reptile terrarium plants & succulent designs can not be submerged in water. Risk of color’s (paint or dyes) bleeding and or fading possible when submerged in water. On very rare occasions, the original manufacture of the plant materials may have experienced dye lot issues during production that I am not aware of.

I buy from a variety of suppliers both locally and online. Since supply and demand are always changing, when one is out of stock I will pursue other suppliers. Unfortunately, there are times when I can only get a particular plant stem or bush from one supplier forcing me to wait. Lastly, since each design is done by hand, no one design is exactly like another. For example, if you ordered 6 pieces of one particular style #, not all the leaves would point in exactly the same direction. The overall quantity of the product duplication would be the same though.